Review of RealBet Casino

The statistics and facts speak for themselves; the online casino business is at an all-time high level of competition in 2016. We’re not just talking about the hand-to-hand combat that occurs at the tables, as casino companies from coast to coast are battling tooth and claw to acquire new business. Because the want and demand for casino activity exists, you can anticipate that any and all casino sites will attempt to entice you in.

RealBet Casino, a new site spun off from the well-known sports betting business, is demonstrating their commitment to the industry’s top rank. To be very candid, this online casino has enormous shoes to fill, partly due to RealBet’s great reputation.

In contrast to other reviews, we ignored the sports betting industry’s reputation while completing our assessment of RealBet Casino. When we evaluated this new site separately, we discovered that it left us both happy and dissatisfied. The reason for this is because it has avoided excessive complexity in order to give a clearly sleek experience, but falls short in other areas. However, it is not all, as the following review discusses in depth.

Crasin Maintaining TraditionBumping down with a Bump

When assessing an online casino site, you must begin with the end in mind, which implies that face value counts for anything. Graphically, this is one site that nails it, partly because, although it seems modern, it stays true to the basic RealBet ideals.

When you first launch RealBet Casino, you’ll notice that it has a somewhat dark UI comprised of blacks and blues. This really sets the tone for the casino, since it eschews all of the standard casino gaming clichés.

From a layout standpoint, RealBet Casino strives to keep things simple, straightforward, and straightforward. At the top of the website, you’ll find a standard toolbar that connects you to all of RealBet Casino’s features. Below that is a series of “panels” that highlight the site’s most popular and trending games and promotions. In general, RealBet Casino’s layout stays inside its comfort zone, which isn’t always a negative thing.

Crashing to a halt with a Bumper

RealBet Casino’s design will surely pump you up, but the bonuses and promos will quickly bring you back down to earth. This is because the offering here is very inadequate, falling well short of what other casino sites provide.

The reason for this is obvious; RealBet continues to place a premium on sports betting, which has pushed RealBet Casino into the background. To be honest, you’d want to believe that if they genuinely paid attention to RealBet Casino, the site would have a bit more to offer.

While the site is mostly focused on sports betting, a few casino-related bonus offers do make their way through. Given the value on offer here, the welcome bonus is absolutely worth mentioning.

All first deposits made at RealBet Casino will be matched 100 percent, thereby doubling your money straight away. RealBet Casino has also reintroduced a few old favorites in the form of reload bonuses and recommend a friend promos. To say that RealBet Casino is sluggish when it comes to bonuses and promotions is an understatement, but there are a few tidbits here and there that players will appreciate.

Assembling to Reward Loyalty

We would be negligent if we did not examine RealBet Casino’s incentive scheme, which is rather typical in implementation. Through a tie-in with the sportsbook’s VIP program, players may earn points for playing at RealBet Casino, which can be exchanged for further bonuses. Points are awarded on a per-dollar basis, and if you earn enough of them, you may actually exchange them for real money.

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