Renowned Poker Player Prop Bets

Poker Player Prop Bets

Poker players are continuously searching for some activity. Prop wagers can without a doubt be an engaging method for achieving that.

Here is a gander at a portion of the seriously captivating prop wagers from the poker world.

Backflip Betting

Poker Hall of Famer Huck Seed is no more peculiar to prop wagers. This one of his bets sticks out. In one of his many prop wagers, Seed acknowledged a $10,000 bet from individual poker master, Howard Lederer.

The bet called for Seed to finish a standing reverse somersault. However, he just had just two days to consummate and achieve the errand.

Seed stands 6 foot, 6 inches tall and getting done with the responsibility would be no simple accomplishment.

Evidently, Seed made them mentor an as an arranged as an uncle gymnastic performer. The rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that his uncle manipulated up a tackle for two days of training.

What’s more, after two days, Seed finished the reverse somersault. He scored the $10,000, and a lot more props would follow.

Deep Knee Bends

Well known poker expert, Antonio Esfandiari, is no more bizarre to prop wagers. At the PCA in the Bahamas, he took a “novel” prop bet from Bill Perkins. In any case, the whole experience didn’t work out as expected.

Rather than strolling, the bet had Esfandiari go wherever inside the competition grounds at the Atlantis Resort by means of profound knee jump.

With $50,000 on the line, Esfandiari viewed the bet in a serious way – rushing wherever from making a beeline for the bathroom to getting something to eat.

Later in the competition and with a pleasant chip stack, things went excessively far. Strongly sore from so much rushing, Esfandiari skirted the bathroom and peed in a water bottle under the poker table.

That wasn’t gotten well by individual players and staff. Esfandiari was immediately removed from the competition and later apologized for his activities.

He won the $50,000, yet in a positive signal, he gave his rewards to noble cause.

Golf Bets

Poker players are serious ordinarily, and that incorporates the fairway. Many appreciate getting out to swing a few clubs.

Poker Hall of Famer Amarillo Slim Preston once bet $40,000 that he could drive a golf ball a mile. That accomplishment might appear to be incomprehensible, yet Preston had an arrangement.

  • He took the test to a course with an opening sitting above a huge lake.
  • It was winter at that point, and the lake was frozen.
  • Preston continued to tee up and go away they go.
  • The ball never appeared to stop, and he gathered his money.

In one more entrancing bet on the connections, Erik Lindgren once made another apparently unthinkable water.

He bet a few players, including Phil Ivey and Gavin Smith, that he could fire four straight adjusts of 18, all under 100 in a solitary day.

He additionally needed to convey his own clubs – no golf truck permitted.

Lindgren remained to make $340,000. He started his golf odyssey at 6 a.m. in what might ultimately be 115-degree Las Vegas heat.

His initial two rounds were under 100 however getting the success in such smothering circumstances was difficult.

Eventually, Lindgren sank his last putt to gather his rewards – and perhaps shed 17 pounds simultaneously.

Vegetarian for a Year

Food wagers can likewise make for some inquisitive prop wagers. Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan made an extraordinary bet on High Stakes Poker. Ivey would win $1 million if he would last a whole year as a vegan.

At first, Ivey even would have liked to up the ante to $5 million. Yet, half a month of veggies and tofu, he immediately altered his perspective.

Following three weeks of the veggie lover way of life later, Ivey paid $150,000 to escape the bet.He was currently allowed to dive into a pleasant cheeseburger or steak once more

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