How to Play Sic Bo Dice Game Online in 2019

There aren’t many dice games that have caught on as Sic Bo Online has. You may start making real money at this remarkable casino game from the very first time you take a seat at the table, unlike other casino games that need you to plan ahead and understand pages and pages of Sic-Bo strategy.

The Standard Sic Bo Board Design

Sic Bo stands out clearly among other table games in a land-based casino, unlike certain other casino games that tend to fade into the backdrop. The betting surfaces of many European table games in American casinos are often green or blue felt. The betting area in a game of Sic Bo is a rectangular shape, black and white in color, and composed of plastic or glass. Bets are placed by players placing chips on the numbers they think will come up. When the round is over, the winning bets will be illuminated from below using these similar portions. Bets are made by stacking chips in corresponding groves in a wooden or leather railing around the table.

The felt apron surrounding the betting area is unlabeled, so chips can be put there as well. In addition to all this, one will also notice a rack holding the dealer’s chips (the bank’s chips), the three dice that are essential to the game’s outcome, and a cage or shaker. Bets that did not win are gathered from the darkened areas of the betting board.

The Reality of Sic Bo:

The Chinese originated Sic Bo;

You’ll need three dice and a shaker to play;

The most fundamental wager is between the Big and little numbers, with odds of around 50%.

It doesn’t take much to learn how to play Sic Bo.

Tips for Playing Sic Bo Virtually

This casino game is played with three dice, and the primary rule is that all three dice must be rolled at the same time. The goal of the game of Sic Bo is to predict the outcome of the dice roll by placing wagers on the numbers the player believes will come up. When everyone has finished betting, the dealer will close the chest in which the dice are kept and give it a good shake. The dealer then opens the box and announces the result of the roll of the dice. On the other hand, at many up-to-date brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, the croupier can press a button to set in motion a glass-domed shaker that is attached to a vibrating platform. When the dice stop rattling, the croupier will reveal the winning combination. Similar to Roulette, Sic Bo allows players to wager any amount on any number of rounds.


Isn’t it true that Sic Bo resembles virtual craps?

Although many take pleasure in drawing this parallel, it is usually drawn because Sic Bo is one of two casino games that use dice, the other being Craps. Sic Bo, like Craps, is played with three dice, and each roll determines whether a player wins or loses a wager. Craps is a lot more complicated than other casino games since different bets have different requirements for how the dice will fall before a winner or loser is determined.


It’s all in the dice (and the RNG) when playing Sic Bo online.

Despite the fact that we at CasinoTop10 have repeated this ad nauseam, many individuals still don’t undertake the bare minimum of research required to ensure that the casino site they have selected to play on uses a Random Number Generator (all the casinos we have on our toplist undertake). Without a Random Number Generator, no one can promise that your game will be fair, and in all likelihood, it won’t be. Now, a Random Number Generator is vital for every casino game you play, but in games like Sic Bo, where there’s precious little technique you can use, it’s especially important to make sure your luck isn’t being controlled by someone in a suit with an already large wallet. The first factor to think about is the house advantage, which varies from 2.78% on little and huge bets to 18.98% on three number total bets of nine and twelve in Sic Bo. Below we have produced a list of the house advantage for certain specific bets and the kind of rewards you can expect to receive when playing Sic Bo Online. We leave nothing to chance here at CasinoTop10. The house edge can vary greatly from one land-based casino to the next because of the fact that payouts can vary so widely. As a modest token of appreciation for introducing the world to Sic Bo, we’d like to let the world’s high rollers know that Macau casinos typically feature a considerably worse house edge for players. Unlike traditional casinos, internet gambling establishments often offer the following payouts and house edges:


House Advantage Bet Type Payout

Parlay wagers 2:0 (14%)

wagers on two numbers, 5:1 16.67%

The sum of the three digits is: 10, 11, and 6:1.

9 and 12 6:1 18.98%

8 and 13 8:1 12.5%

7 and 14 12:1 9.72%

6 and 15 17:1 13.67%

5 and 16 30:1 13.98%

4 and 17 60:1 15.28%

Pairs 10:1 18.52%

Triple Odds of 30 to 1 13.98%

Targeted 180:1:16.2%

Minimal 1:3 (2.78 percent loss on triples).

Big 1:0 (Triple-digit losses) 2.78%

Based on these numbers alone, it’s easy to see that placing small or large bets gives you the best chance of winning and gaining a lot of money. The house edge is only 2.78%. If you get tired of the tiny and huge bets, you may always play the single number bet, which pays 1:1 (but has a hefty house edge of 7.87%). However, betting on specific triples and really testing your luck is a big part of the fun and excitement of playing Sic Bo Online. In fact, the payment for winning a bet on some triples can be as high as 180 to 1, and the rewards for the three-number totals of 4 and 17 are both respectable 60 to 1.


Online Variations of Sic Bo

Like every successful casino game, Sic Bo Online has inspired a number of knockoffs and variations, including Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck.


If you’re looking for a gambling game with a bit more variety, try your hand at Grand Hazard, a variant of the English classic Hazard that uses three dice instead of two. The three dice are either tossed into the air with a cup or rolled down an inclined plane series called a “hazard chute.” The danger chute works by bouncing the dice as they descend, creating random outcomes. If a player gets three of a kind (also called ruffles) through sheer good fortune, the payout will be an astounding 180 to 1.


Despite the vast differences in their names, Chuck-a-Luck (sometimes spelled “sweat cloth”) and Grand Hazard (often spelled “chuckerluck”) are both American variants of the same game. The three dice in Chuck-a-Luck are stored in a cage that swings outward from the middle, somewhat like a birdcage made of wire. The dealer’s role is to flip the cage so that the dice settle at the bottom. While single-number wagers are the norm in Chuck-a-Luck, a “triple” (all three dice showing the same number) also allows players to place a bet with chances of roughly 30 to 1. Chuck-a-Luck was originally widely played in Nevada’s casinos, but it has since been supplanted by Sic Bo.


Origins of Sic Bo

Like Keno, the original name for Sic Bo was Tai Sai or Dai Su, both of which can be interpreted as “Big and Small” or “Hi-Lo” and have their origins in Asia (particularly Ancient China). Sic Bo is still played frequently in Asian casinos and is the most popular form of gambling in Macau (the only Chinese territory where casinos are permitted), but it was brought to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century and was not legalized in the United Kingdom until May 2002. Despite its tardy arrival in the British Isles, it spawned English-based variations including Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck. Sic Bo translates to “precious dice” in English.



Money Management Strategies for Sic Bo

Sic Bo money management is crucial because the only things in a player’s control are his bankroll and his chips. To avoid losing your limited leverage, consider the following advice for managing your funds when playing Sic Bo:


1) Set Your Limits Before You Start Playing!

Before sitting down at the table and emptying your pockets, you should determine how much you are willing and able to play (and lose), as long-term planning is the key to any effective use of money management.


Stay true to your principles!

After you have amassed enough money for Sic Bo, put a time restriction on your playing and stick to it. After establishing a cutoff time, many gamers find it much simpler to leave the game when their session ends.


Thirdly, The Construction Is Crucial

Never risk more than 2% of your total bankroll on a single wager. Your bets might rise in direct proportion to your growing bankroll. The only real challenge here is having patience (which will ultimately pay off).


4) Acknowledge the odds, for they will not acknowledge you.

Big, little, and single number bets have the lowest house edge in this 3-dice game, whereas doubles, triples, 3-dice totals, and 2-dice combinations pay out more. The latter group, however, is more challenging to join.


Five) Head for the Cash!

If you see other players at the table betting heavily on a certain hand combination, it’s probably advisable to join in on the action instead of trying to beat them.


Definitions of All Sic Bo-Related Terms



With the Any Triple Bet, the player is not limited to betting on a certain set of numbers, as is the case with the standard Triple Bet. There will be a 30:1 payoff.




The betting table is where players can set out their various bets in a hierarchical fashion, from highest to lowest.


To place a “Big Bet,” a player must wager that the sum of the three dice will be between 11 and 17. This wager pays out at the rate of 1 to 1.




The three dice used in the game are rattled in a cage before being rolled.


When you clear your bet, all of your previous bets are removed from the table and your chips are returned to you. Clear is equivalent with “cancel.”


The American word “chuck-a-luck” (also “birdcage,” “sweat cloth,” and “chuckerluck”) originates from the British term “grand hazard” (more on that term below). The three dice in chuck-a-luck are stored in a bird cage that can rotate around its own axis. The dice should fall to the bottom of the cage when the dealer spins it end over end. Although single-number wagers are the norm in Chuck-a-luck, players are sometimes allowed to place a separate wager on a “triple” (when all three dice reveal the same number; more on this below). Although chuck-a-luck was formerly widely played in Nevada, it has been nearly replaced by Sic Bo tables in recent years.




Dice: While two dice are used in Craps, three dice, each with six sides, are used in Sic Bo. Predicting the outcome of a roll of dice is the goal of this game. One turn is equal to one throw of the dice.


The player’s stake in a double bet must be on a single number between 1 and 6. Two of the three dice must show the higher number for the player to win the bet.


To win a “duo” wager, the gambler must correctly predict the totals of two of the three dice. In SicBo, there are fifteen distinct pair combinations.




While the original version of Hazard only required two dice, its English offspring, Grand Hazard, requires three. If you’re playing grand hazard, you’ll need a “hazard chute,” a special chute with a cup that rolls the dice down a number of planes to randomize their rolls.




The word “Re-Bet” is used to indicate a wager of the same size as the previous game’s wager.




The antithesis of a weak bet, a strong bet involves wagering on the outcomes of all three dice at once. A player has a good chance of winning if he or she wagers that the same number will show up on all three dice at the same time.


The player who places a modest bet is wagering that the total of their three dice rolls will be less than 11. There is a 1 to 1 payout unless the winning combination consists of a low triple (1, 2, or 3). If this occurs, you lose your wager. For this wager, there are 108 possible dice combinations.


Bets on the outcome of a single number are known as “simple” or “single” bets. A single die showing the chosen number yields a payout of 1 to 10, while three showing the same number yields a payout of 10 to 1.




Total: As the name suggests, this term refers to the sum of the numbers that appear on all three dice after a roll.


The Chinese name, Tai Sai, means “Big Small” in English.


Similar to the double bet, a triple bet involves placing money on the possibility that all three dice will reveal the same number. A triple bet is considered a high-stakes wager due to its payout structure of 180-to-1.




A weak bet, also known as a single bet or a simple bet, involves betting on the result of a single roll of the dice.


Common Questions About Sic Bo Games Played Online

Instructions for playing Sic Bo.

Playing a game of Sic Bo is simple. The first step is to wager on the outcome you anticipate. The dealer will then make a three-dice throw. Depending on the outcome and your bets, you may come out ahead or behind.


How do I improve my odds of winning at Sic Bo?

Each correct prediction of a number or sum on which you bet results in a victory in Sic Bo. If your guess is incorrect, you must forfeit your wager.


Where can I play Sic Bo, if any casinos have it?

Sic Bo is a form of gambling that uses dice but is otherwise relatively uncommon in casinos. You may play Sic Bo at a number of different online casinos, and there are even some live Sic Bo options at sites that include live dealer games.


Sic Bo Is the Only Game in Town.

If you’re tired of watching the Roulette wheel spin yet don’t want to put in the mental effort required for Craps, why not try your luck at Sic Bo Online instead? This fascinating and fast-paced game of chance requires very little mental work during gameplay and even mixes the betting options and dice action of online craps with the straightforward pleasure of Roulette. Real money Sic Bo Online is quite popular, and it’s simple to see why. All a player has to do to get started is pick what kind of bet he wants to make, and then make that same bet on the virtual felt. After that, all that’s left to do is sit back and see what the dice decide. If your numbers are drawn, you may walk away with a nice sum of money. It is possible to extrapolate the following benefits from playing Sic Bo online:

You won’t have to wait long to get started playing Sic Bo Online because there’s not much of a learning curve.

You get to rock and roll when you play Sic Bo Online because you get to be the king or queen of the dice.

Bet as little as you like when playing Sic Bo Online because there is no required minimum bet. In addition, if it’s free, unrestricted play is available if that’s more your speed. Playing free casino games online is the greatest method to get started with gambling.

CasinoTop10 has done all the legwork for you, so you can start playing and winning immediately without ever leaving the site. You can play at any of the casinos on our recommended list with total peace of mind, knowing that they are the finest of the best and offering you the best bonuses possible. To find the best online casino for playing Sic Bo, relax with a bottle of wine in hand, peruse our curated list of hotties, and peruse some of our top casino reviews. Having done so, you will not be sorry.

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